Designing innovative cost affective products to the Defence and Security industries

Enhanced Protection Systems

Enhanced Protection Systems Ltd.

Enhanced Protection Systems UK Ltd (EPS UK LTD) prides itself on delivery high quality cost efficient products to the Defence and Security Industries worldwide.

Cleanwaste Toilet Systems (Click Here):

GO anywhere complete toilet system™  Ideal for camping, , outside work, an extra bathroom, humanitarian aid/disaster relief or military deployment.

Protective Eyewear (Click Here):

Our extensive range includes Military Tactical Goggles, Safety Sunglasses and Protective Eye-Shields used by the Military, Police and Shooting Clubs. All our eyewear have a Ballistic Rating including CE and ANZI 87. EPS has been supplying Eyewear to the British Armed & Police Forces since 2005.

Unmanned Airborne Systems (Click Here):

A sister company to EPS, Cyberflight Ltd has over 15 years experience with designing, developing and manufacturing Unmanned Airborne Vehicles (UAVs). Specialising in state of the art micro systems, we also provide larger mini systems capable of up to 10 hours duration. New to our range are the VTOL systems, low maintenance, low noise and highly efficient

Personal Protective Equipment (Click Here):

EPS specialises in lightweight high performance ballistic materials, we provide the highest V50 for ballistic plates and helmets at the lowest weight.



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