Gun Shot Counter

The Gun Shot Counter (GSC) is a miniature counting device.

The GSC is a revolutionary new system that enables the real time recording and storing of gunfire data.

The GSC is fitted with revolutionary software that is able to automatically collect and store gunfire data making it available for off-line analysis of both user and weapon performances.


Money & Time saver: Maintenance only for weapons that need it.

Life saver: Weapon readiness at all time. No injuries due to poor maintenance  

Before the introduction of the round counter, maintenance of M4A1  were based on either weapon failure or a time schedule, which made no allowance for the number of shots fired through a weapon or for the rate the shots were fired. By adding a round counter, the maintenance system could be modified from a time schedule to a usage schedule. Rounds counter technology enables the development of safety programs to minimize catastrophic failures and the resulting injuries. Round count data will also enable a more cost-effective/reliability-effective maintenance program that will improve overall weapon performance. In addition, other useful studies can be initiated for weapon performance and usage based on the data collected through the use of rounds counter technology recording round count and rate of fire are only part of the desired capability. Complete user software provides the armorer with the number of rounds to replacement for a given part or assembly. It also serves as an electronic maintenance log, enabling the armorer to record when a part has been replaced and the reason for replacement. Based on the statistical life expectancy of parts within a weapon, it  can give some indication as to the overall “health” of a weapon as well…

The system is comprised of three  major components

1.Miniature Counter Device (MCD)

2. External Data Unit (EDU)

3.User software

Technical DATA 

•Capable of recording 500,000 rounds.

•An average of 12+ year’s operation on a single battery.

•Un detectable and non-interfering system with no RF transmissions.

•IR connection from the gun unit to the External Data Unit that connects  by USB connection  to any computer.

•Weight: less then 5g


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Applications at a Glance

Improving the level of maintenance for weapons

Increasing the operational reliability of the weapons

Increasing the safety of the weapons