LRTV has been designed and developed for General military use with the capability for heli-borne or amphibious insertion. The vehicle has been specifically designed to be carried by the CH47 Chinook helicopter for forward military deployment or can be reconfigured to become V22 Osprey Centric. This vehicle has been pre-configured for semi autonomous use and also has HUMS (Health Usage and Monitoring System) incorporated. It is suitable for use in high altitude and mountainous terrain, highly adaptable with the ability to carry out a multitude of roles.

Fire Support      •   Light Strike      •   Urban (MOUT) operations using the Vehicle Borne Assault System     •   Casualty Evacuation      •   Command & Control      •   Engineer/ EOD vehicle      •   Logistics      •   Humanitarian Aid

LRTV is designed to be used for very robust operations within remote and developing countries. It provides high levels of off road mobility across rough and hostile terrain with a high degree of speed and agility. The large payload area can carry 1600 kgs. The underside of the vehicle is protected by a large underbelly blast skid plate.


LRTV is one of a group of vehicles which uses a majority of identical component parts, therefore reducing the whole life costs of the vehicles. Other vehicles in the group consist of a single seater, a two seater,  and a six wheel drive configuration.

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Applications at a Glance

Urban (MOUT) operations using the Vehicle Borne Assault System

Light Strike

Fire Support

Casualty Evacuation

Command & Control

Engineer / EOD vehicle