Whippet II

Whippet II are V22 centric (Osprey) up to CH47 Centric .

Whippet II will come with HUMS capability operated from a small screen in the drivers cab.

Both vehicles can be preconfigured for semi autonomous use.

Rear cargo area is modular.


2 temporary rear seats

Split windscreen

Environmental Doors

Modular Armour


•  Length  3683mm

•  Width  1525 mm

•  Wheelbase 2675 mm

•  Ground Clearance 355 mm

•  Kerb Weight  1100kg

•  GVW       2350 kg

•  Payload  1250 kg

•  Wheel Travel 254 mm

•  Wade unprepared 800 mm

•  2 front seats

•  Front Load Bed 655 mm x 1440 mm

•  Rear  Flat Load Bed  with Removable sides  1160 mm x 1400 mm





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